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EA DC’s Strategy for 2023


EA DC’s Strategy for 2023

This is a short version of EA DC’s 2023 strategy document where we articulate our goals and plans for the year. To access the full document or if you have any questions please reach out to Info@EffectiveAltruismDC.org.


EA DC’s Mission

The mission of Effective Altruism DC (EA DC) is to build a diverse and inclusive community where people and organizations are empowered to grow and leverage their talents and connections to explore, prioritize, and do the most good.

EA DC’s Messaging

These are notes on how EA DC should present itself to the public and think about communications.

EA DC should: 

Theory of Change (ToC):

EA DC’s Priorities for 2023

Helping EA-Aligned Individuals Access High Impact Careers in DC

Why it’s a high priority: EA DC has unique access to thoughtful, engaged EAs who have thought about navigating the DC career space to do the most good. We also have established connections to the broader DC community. These connections allow us to provide valuable connections and resources to members looking to either change their career to a more EA-aligned profession or align their current profession along EA lines. Helping our members and the broader community access EA policy careers is our best comparative advantage. 

Projects to achieve goal: Maintain and grow active cause area ecosystems. Create and maintain job and opportunities boards that feature relevant, high-impact, and DC-based opportunities on the EA DC website. Cultivate active partnerships with DC-area EA and non-EA organizations.

Onboarding New Members to EA DC

Why it’s a high priority: People interested in EA are much more likely to make significant decisions about their donating and careers when they have professional and personal connections in groups that they can talk to and feel like they belong in. Onboarding lots of members can expose EAs to more ways of thinking than they might have otherwise been limited from. We want to bring in consistently new ideas from diverse perspectives. It can also increase the impact of EAs in DC by giving them access to larger, engaged networks.

Project to achieve goal: Welcoming Pipeline

Shifting Donations to More Effective Charities and Causes

Why it’s a priority: Donating to effective charities is one of the best ways to effectively do good and EA DC is excited to promote effective giving to its members. We do not have as much comparative advantage in promoting effective giving as we do in helping EAs find meaningful career opportunities.

Project to achieve goal: Run quarterly events focused on promoting effective giving.


EA DC’s Main Projects in 2023

Cause Area Ecosystems where volunteer cause area organizers to meet with new members, run monthly/quarterly cause area events, and more. 

The cause areas EA DC will support and help grow ecosystems in for 2023:

  • AI

  • Animal welfare

  • Biosecurity

  • Global health and development

  • International Security and Foreign Policy

Welcoming Pipeline where the umber of engaged DC EAs increases by 25% by year’s end and 100% of people who join slack group, facebook group, or in any other way are introduced to EA DC are onboarded and incorporated into EA DC’s CRM. This happens by improving onboarding opportunities and EA DC’s support of common entry pathways, maintaining and improving the Welcome Wagon process, and supporting members getting more involved and connected to the community at-large and the cause-area resources.

Connecting EA DC to the Broader DC Policy Scene by creating an external partnership development processes, forming connections with at least 2 organizations in DC each quarter, establishing a database of potential partners, and more. 

Making EA DC Organizationally Robust by focusing on hiring, fundraising, process and policy development, and creating a board of directors.

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EA DC’s Strategy for 2023