Latest Past Events

Nuclear Weapons as an EA Cause Area

Virtual panel discussion followed by a Q&A session to increase the understanding of nuclear risks within the EA communityThe session will focus on why the nuclear cause area is becoming a higher priority – and discuss underlying impact, neglectedness, and tractability issues. If recent events in Ukraine have made you wonder about EA’s possible contributions […]

Virtual discussion of effective giving with Luke Freeman of GWWC

Join EA DC for a presentation on effective giving by Luke Freeman, the director of Giving What We CanEA DC is excited to present a virtual talk on effective giving with Luke Freeman, the director of Giving What We Can. The talk is in preparation for Giving Tuesday on November 29th, a celebration of giving […]

Powerpoint Party

Give a presentation on a topic of your interest to other EAs!Always wanted to join a PowerPoint party? This is your chance to show your stuff! In this event, we will split into groups, where each participant has the opportunity to present a short (~5 minute) PowerPoint on a topic of interest. Subjects can range […]