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EA DC Events:

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Highlighted Opportunities

    • Boren Awards:
      • Scholarships for Undergraduate Students | Apply by January 31
      • Fellowships for Graduate Students | Apply by January 24
  • Charity Entrepreneurship:
    • Effective Giving Incubation
      • Launched in collaboration with Giving What We Can,this new program aims to launch 4-6 new Effective Giving Initiatives (EGIs) in 2024. These new EGIs will generate and direct millions in donations to the world’s most cost-effective charities.
      • Check this great explainer video by Luke from Giving What We Can.
      • Deadline for application: January 14, 2024.
      • The program dates are April 15 – July 5, 2024.
    • Research Training Program
      • This online program is designed to equip participants with the tools and skills needed to identify, compare, and recommend the most effective charities, interventions, and organizations. It is a full-time (35 hours per week), fully cost-covered program that will run remotely for 12 weeks.
      • Deadline for application: January 28, 2024.
      • The program dates are April 15 – June 7, 2024.
  • X-Force Fellowship | Apply by January 31
    • The X-Force Fellowship is a summer internship program that provides undergraduate and graduate students and recent graduates a chance to serve their country by solving real-world national security problems in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Defense.


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