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EA DC Events:

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Other EA-aligned Events:

Summer Webinar Series on Emerging Technology & National Security Policy Careers

The Horizon Institute for Public Service, in collaboration with partners at the Scowcroft Center for International Affairs at the Texas A&M Bush School and SeedAI, is running a webinar series on US emerging technology policy careers to help individuals decide if they should pursue careers in this field. The series will focus primarily on policy opportunities related to AI and biosecurity and start in late June.  Sessions will not be recorded and individuals must sign up to receive event access — you can express interest in attending here.

Currently scheduled sessions include:

  • Q&A with Jason Matheny, CEO of the RAND Corporation 
  • Q&A with Nikki Teran, Institute for Progress Fellow, on Biosecurity Challenges and Policy Careers to Address Them
  • Q&A with Helen Toner‚ Director of Strategy and Foundational Research Grants at CSET, on AI Challenges and Policy Careers to Address Them
  • What’s it like Working in the Executive Branch?
  • What’s it like Working in a Think Tank?  
  • What’s it like Working in Congress? 
  • Choosing Graduate Schools for Policy Careers (Master’s, PhD, JD)
  • Transitioning from Law to Policy
  • Transitioning from Science and Tech to Policy
  • Advancing in Policy from Underrepresented Backgrounds 
  • Horizon Fellowship Information Session

EAGxNYC | August 18 – 20

EAGxNYC 2023 is a conference for people working to solve the world’s most pressing problems. Apply by July 31 to join a diverse and passionate group of nonprofit and business leaders, activists, scholars, philanthropists, and students for 2.5 days of thoughtfully-curated programming and networking opportunities. Contact the organizers with any questions and if you are uncertain about your eligibility, don’t hesitate to apply!

Highlighted Opportunities

  • The Summer Research Fellowship in Law & AI 2023 organized by the Legal Priorities Project (LPP):
    • Apply by July 6
    • About: For 8–12 weeks, participants will work with researchers at LPP on how the law can help to mitigate existential risks from artificial intelligence. Fellows will receive a stipend of $10,000. 
    • Eligibility: Graduate law students (JD or LLM), PhD candidates, and postdocs working in law, as well as students entering the final year of a 5-year undergraduate law degree. The timing of the fellowship is flexible, starting as early as July and ending as late as October.
  • Charity Entrepreneurship’s Research Training Program:
    • Apply by July 17
    • This online program is designed to equip participants with the tools and skills needed to identify, compare, and recommend the most effective charities and interventions.
    • It is a full-time, fully cost-covered program that will run online for 11 weeks.

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