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  • We are going to start sending out a quarterly check-in form for our members to give you a quick and easy opportunity to connect with every part of the EA DC community quickly. Fill out the quarterly check-in form here!

  • We’re restarting the community 1-on-1 channel on the EA DC Slack. We strongly encourage you to join! This channel randomly matches you to another EA DC member every two weeks and is a great way to meet a lot of EAs in DC quickly outside of official EA DC events. Join the EA DC Slack using this form.

  • EA DC has updated its code of conduct.

    • Please take the time to read the updated version! Everyone interacting with EA DC in any way is required to abide by the code of conduct.

  • EA DC is considering writing career guides in the style of 80,000 Hours for DC-specific careers in each major EA cause area. If you’re knowledgeable about navigating careers in AI, animal welfare, biosecurity, or global health and development in DC and have the capacity and interest to help write a basic guide for our website please fill out this form!

EA DC Events:

EA DC is hosting our events directly on our website now. Please make sure to RSVP at the link for any event you’d like to attend to receive updates and information about it!

For information about each cause area event, please add your name to the cause area email list here. You can also subscribe to our events calendar at the bottom of this page to have EA DC events auto-populate on your calendar app. 

Virtual Events:

Other EA-aligned Events:

Highlighted Opportunities

  • Ambitious Impact (formerly Charity Entrepreneurship) is accepting applications for their Charity Incubation and Research Programs

    • Incubation Program:

      • Runs August 12 – October 4, 2024 (top ideas for the program can be found here).

      • Runs February-March 2025

    • Research Program:

      • Runs September 23- December 13, 2024 (you will be able to work on animal-focused research projects in this program)

    • Learn more and apply by April 14.

  • Animal Charity Evaluators’ Movement Grant applications are open!

  • BlueDot Impact: The AI Governance Course is a free, part-time, virtual program running April-July (around 5 hours/week), aimed at people with policy or technical experience and are interested in AI governance. 

    • Apply by 13 March.

  • The EA and Judaism Intro Fellowship is an 8-week virtual program you can do alongside school or work that explores the core ideas of effective altruism and their relationship to Jewish tradition, texts, culture, and history. 

  • Institute for AI Policy and Strategy (IAPS): AI Policy Fellowship

    • July 8 – October 11th, with a 2-week in-person period in Washington, DC. They expect the program to best fit early to mid-career individuals interested in transitioning to AI policy careers.

    • Fellows will work under one of IAPS’s focus areas: Policy & Standards, Compute Governance, and International Governance & China. You can learn more about IAPS and their research here.

    • Apply by March 18!

    • Join their webinar on March 7th at 2 PM Eastern Time to ask questions, meet some of our team, and learn more.

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