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We are proud to announce our new talent directory!

  • Our network wants to support you in finding your next high-impact opportunity (e.g. job, fellowship, internship, etc.).
    • If you are interested in or actively seeking a new opportunity, join our private talent directory.
      • Benefits:
        • You will [occasionally] receive personalized opportunities to your inbox.
          • If you plan to apply to an opportunity, we can actively support you in your application process (e.g. application material review, connecting you with relevant experts, etc.).
        • We will refer suitable candidates to hiring managers. 
        • You may request 1-on-1 career advising (though, you can always request a 1-on-1 meeting with us).
      • Your information will NOT be published publicly.

Seeking Volunteers to Improve Our Career Guides

We at EA DC are interested in building much more thorough guides to EA-aligned careers in DC, and we need your help

We are putting together volunteer teams of members who are knowledgeable about careers in specific EA cause areas to help compile resources and write up guides and general thoughts.

If you’d like to join one of these volunteer teams please fill out this short form and we will get back to you quickly!

Celebrating Effective Giving


Do you donate a portion of your income to highly effective charities?
We want to celebrate you! Please consider adding your name to our public list of members who give, you can fill out this form to add your name and information.

EA DC Events:

For more detail check our website events page!

For information about each cause area event, please add your name to the cause area email list here. You can subscribe to EA DC’s events calendar on our website to have EA DC events auto-populate on your calendar app!

Other EA-aligned Events:

Highlighted Opportunities

  • The Effective Altruism and Judaism Intro Fellowship is an 8-week virtual program you can do alongside school or work that explores the core ideas of effective altruism and their relationship to Jewish tradition, texts, culture, and history. Learn more and apply by October 11th!
  • Presidential Management Fellowship (PMF) | Apply by October 12
    • The PMF program is a prestigious, two-year fellowship that places graduate degree holders in US executive branch agencies.
    • PMFs receive good full-time salaries with civil servant-equivalent benefits and are generally promoted each year during the program.
    • PMFs can non-competitively convert to permanent civil service positions after their two years. This is a big deal, as it presents a fast track to highly competitive government jobs and an easy way for agencies to hire a pre-vetted candidate.
    • PMFs are respected and noticed. People in the policy community expect PMFs to be inquisitive, rising leaders and are happy to answer their emails, take calls, or get coffee.
    • You can read more about eligibility requirements here.
    • Read this EA Forum post for additional context about the PMF program.

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