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Resources on policy careers in DC

There are a lot of great resources for accessing careers working directly on important EA cause areas in policy. Here are a few:

How to use the EA DC professional network to get an EA career

EA DC exists to make the broad professional network of people interested in effective altruism in DC available to new people who want to get connected. People in each major EA cause area are excited to help you access impactful careers in DC based on your interest and experience. There’s a lot of tacit knowledge of DC careers in specific areas that different groups of members have and can share through conversations. We strongly encourage new members interested in an EA career to reach out to people working in fields and careers they’re interested in to talk about relevant resources and job opportunities. Your bar for reaching out should be very low!

Step 1: Get connected to EA DC


Once you’re connected and have an intro call with an organizer we can send you a series of intro 1-on-1 emails to people working in careers and fields you’d like to learn more about!

Step 2: Get connected to specific people based on your career interests

We have especially strong networks in AI governance, animal welfare, biosecurity, and global health and development, and are also happy to get you connected to other EA cause areas too. People working in each cause area can share specific resources, thoughts, and additional connections based on what you’re looking for. We encourage new members interested in getting connected to be direct in asking for as many connections to people and resources as is useful.

Step 3: Once you have a clear map of potential impactful career opportunities, explore job opportunities

We encourage you to take time to think about career options and get input from lots of people before making a decision. Once you have a clear idea of a path, you can explore job opportunities, including on our jobs board and Slack. Websites mentioned in the left column on this page are another great place to find career opportunities.

Consider a career consultation with 80,000 Hours

80,000 Hours does 1-on-1 career advising and are especially good at matching people to impactful EA cause areas and careers based on their experience.

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