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Last year, EA DC became a 501(c)(3) non-profit. In an effort to continue improving our service to you and to uphold the highest standards of legal compliance, we are thrilled to publicly announce EA DC’s inaugural Board of Directors. 

ur new board will provide guidance and oversight of EA DC as we pursue our mission of building a community where people and organizations are empowered to grow and leverage their talents and connections to do the most good today and into the far future.

  • Our Board Members are:
    • Jeffrey Poche: Centre for Long-Term Resilience
    • Katy Li: Social Finance
    • Lincoln Quirk: Wave
    • Luke Freeman: Giving What We Can
    • Virginia Blanton: Anthropic
This information, as well as board meeting minutes, will soon be published on our website.

Administrative Changes in EA DC

EA DC has restructured. Though little will change on a day-to-day basis for members of EA DC, this change will simplify the succession and decision-making processes within the organization (and in relation to the new Board of Directors).

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this change, please do not hesitate to contact usNote: Andy and Kyle previously served as Co-directors.

  • Andy Masley: Executive Director
  • Kyle Lucchese: Managing Director

EA DC Events:

For more details, check our website event page!
For information about each cause area event, please add your name to the cause area email list here. You can subscribe to EA DC’s events calendar on our website to have EA DC events auto-populate on your calendar app!

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Highlighted Opportunities

  • Charity Entrepreneurship (CE) Incubation Programs | Apply by September 30
    • This two-month, cost-covered, intensive training program is designed to provide you with the best evidence-based intervention and help you find a perfect co-founder.
    • Unsure if becoming a charity entrepreneur is for you? Take the CE quiz!
  • Horizon Fellowship | Apply by September 15
    • If you’re interested in a DC-based job tackling tough problems at the intersection of emerging tech and national security, consider applying to the Horizon fellowship, which is the successor to the Open Philanthropy Technology and Policy Fellowship.
    • What do you get?
      • The fellowship program will fund and facilitate placements for 1-2 years in full-time US policy roles at executive branch offices, Congressional offices, and think tanks in Washington, DC.
      • It also includes ten weeks of remote, part time policy-focused training, mentorship, and an access to an extended network of emerging tech policy professionals.
    • Who is it for?
      • The fellowship has opportunities for both entry-level and mid-career roles, and for both people with and without policy experience.
      • Training is remote, so current undergraduate and graduate school students graduating by summer 2024 are eligible to apply.
      • You must have the right to work in the US without employee sponsorship (such as being a US citizen or on OPT), be able to relocate to Washington DC, and have a demonstrated interest in emerging technology.
  • The EA Operations Fellowship is a 12 month program which aims to support organizational leaders and operations managers in developing their organization by providing education, community, and access to experts to build and grow a stronger organization.

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