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December ’23 Newsletter

Announcements Interested in Leading a Learning or Working Group? We want to support more EA DC members who are interested in organizing groups of people to learn about or work […]

November ’23 Newsletter

EA DC Events: For more detail check our website events page! November 12 | 5:00 – 6:30 PM: Animal Welfare Group Meetup at DC Vegan November 15 | Time to be Announced: Biosecurity cause area group […]

October ’23 Newsletter

Announcements EA DC Talent Directory We are proud to announce our new talent directory! Our network wants to support you in finding your next high-impact opportunity (e.g. job, fellowship, internship, etc.). […]

September ’23 Newsletter

Announcements: Last year, EA DC became a 501(c)(3) non-profit. In an effort to continue improving our service to you and to uphold the highest standards of legal compliance, we are […]

August ’23 Newsletter

Announcements: Please Share Your Feedback:Complete the EA Groups Survey Today The EA Groups Survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete and it will help give both the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA) and […]

July ’23 Newsletter

Announcements Take the 2023 EA Groups Survey Please take the 2023 EA groups survey by July 27th to provide important anonymous feedback on EA DC’s performance so that our funders know what […]

June ’23 Newsletter

June ’23 Newsletter EA DC June 1, 2023 Newsletter Announcements We’re making a public list of EA DC members who donate to effective charities and we would be really excited for you to add your name! Join […]

May ’23 Newsletter

Want to build community, skills, and connect with others interested in cause areas, like climate change, improving institutional decision-making, or mental health? We’re looking for more folks interested in volunteering […]

April ’23 Newsletter

April ’23 Newsletter EA DC April 1, 2023 Newsletter Announcements Connecting with EA DC Members   We are incredibly fortunate to have a robust, growing community with members at all stages of life […]

EA DC’s Strategy for 2023

EA DC’s Strategy for 2023 EA DC March 13, 2023 Newsletter EA DC’s Strategy for 2023 This is a short version of EA DC’s 2023 strategy document where we articulate […]